Visual artist living and working in Los Angeles.


2018 July: Katy Ann Gilmore’s Drawings Distort Depth, Perspective, High Fructose

2018 July: Artist Hand-Draws 3D Optical Illusions on Walls That Play With Depth and Perspective, My Modern Met

2018 June: Asad Faulwell and Katy Ann Gilmore at Denk, Art and Cake LA

2018 June: Katy Ann Gilmore: "Visual Field", Fabricating Architectural Interventions, Art Now LA

2016 April: Q & A with Resident Artist Katy Ann Gilmore, Red Bull House of Art

2016 April: Meet the Artists in Residence Helping Red Bull Help Detroit, The Creators Project

2016 March: Topographical: Katy Ann Gilmore, LAB

2016 February: Where Math and Nature Meet Art: Katy Ann Gilmore, Design Milk

2016 February: Featured: Katy Ann Gilmore, Grand Circus Magazine

2016 February: Katy Ann Gilmore, Detroit Design Art Entertainment & Fashion

2015 December: Shaping Mountain Silhouettes, Into Shallow Depths

2015 December: Giant Mountains Mural Drawings, Fubiz

2015 October: Markers Make Mountains, The Creators Project

2015 July: Dip into Another Reality with Katy Ann Gilmore, Ideasblock

2015 July: Interviews with People I Admire, Lisa Congdon

2015 July: The Practical Artist's Way, ltd365

2015 June: Dream Catcher, ltd365

2015 May: Artist Spotlight, Michelle Phan

2015 March: Shape of things to Come: Katy Ann Gilmore, Better Luck Tomorrow

2013 April: Katy Ann Gilmore + The Shape of the Air, Textile Arts Center